Register Now for 7-Week Classes

7-week classes begin October 22 and include the same content as the traditional 15-week classes and carry the same academic credits!

Choose from the following 3-credit, online courses:

CRN 7884  Literature & Composition (ENG D102) 10/22-12/15
CRN 7885  American Literature II (ENG D222) 10/22-12/15
CRN 7881  Intro to Philosophy (PHL D101) 10/22-12/15
CRN 7882  General Psychology I (PSY D111) 10/22-12/15
CRN 7883  Principles of Sociology (SOC D101) 10/22-12/15
CRN 7888 Introduction to Software Applications (CSA 105) 10/22-12/15