Obama Speechwriter Visits NCC

David Litt, a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, was the featured speaker at the eighth annual NCC Talks! lecture series. A Yale graduate, Litt was only 22 years old when he landed a job at the White House writing and researching speeches as a member of the White House communications team.

At NCC, Litt was interviewed by Professor Susan Seidell, who had spent the past year on sabbatical researching America’s most notable presidential speeches. He also answered questions from students in the audience.

Litt urged students to participate in undergraduate internship programs as a way to find career direction and learn marketable skills. While still at Yale, he did internships writing for The Onion newsletter and at a Washington D.C. firm specializing in political writing. Following the talk, he met with students and signed copies of his book, Thanks, Obama.