Norwalk Transit District Presents New Proposal to Replace NCC Shuttle

On Monday, February 28th, Norwalk Transit District (NTD) CEO, Kimberlee Morton, attended NCC’s Town Hall meeting where she presented her proposed plan for the NCC shuttle. The proposal was created after an outpouring of support for the NCC Shuttle began last semester when it was first announced the shuttle would be eliminated.

After the original plan to eliminate the NCC shuttle in 2019, a route which runs along West Campus and the South Norwalk Metro-North station, students, faculty, and staff immediately came to its support. Over 310 members of the NCC community signed a petition calling on NTD to save the shuttle; NCC also held a demonstration on January 25th in front of the West Campus bus stop with signs reading “Save the Shuttle.” The demonstration, which was organized by NCC Student Government President Lexi Kleinman led NCC CEO Cheryl DeVonish, Dean of Students Kellie Byrd-Danso, and Senate President Lois Aime to show their support as well as having CT State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, Rep. Lucy Dathan and Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling in attendance speak about the importance of the NCC shuttle and its role in assisting students.

Monday’s Town Hall meeting included CEO Kimberlee Morton, Paul Chenard, Manager of Transportation, Planning, & Marketing, and Mark Goodale, Director of Operations. During the meeting, Paul presented the NTD plan which highlighted current NTD bus services and their new plan for ridership. The proposal works to create additional times on the Route 11 bus which will run more frequently alongside the Metro North morning schedule. The additional times will hope to alleviate the wait time of roughly 40 minutes that students may currently have to wait to get to/from campus. CEO Kimberlee Morton stated that that this proposal is roughly a $65,000 enhancement which caters not only to NCC members but the community as a whole.

There is currently no official date of when this proposal is set to begin however, NTD’s next board meeting will take place in March to discuss proposal and budgetary details; CEO Kimberlee Morton hopes to have the additional routes begin around May to help students.

The event also held a Q/A portion for faculty, staff, and students were able to ask follow up questions regarding Kimberlee’s proposal and timeline. Additionally, CEO Kimberlee Morton stated that any questions about the new proposal can be emailed to her here.

Additional information can be found on The Norwalk Hour’s published article regarding Monday’s proposal.