New Novel by NCC Graduate

The fantasy world of a planet called Terra Ancora (“full of magic, monsters, and surprisingly good technology”) is the setting for “Astrid’s Apostle,” a first novel by NCC graduate Matthew Michaelson.

Available on Kindle, the e-book was published last month by Lightswitch Press and is selling briskly in Canada. Matthew notes that if enough copies are ordered by June 15, it will be produced in a hard copy version and distributed through major booksellers.

Mathew graduated from NCC in 2014, with an A.S. in Management. He says he wrote the book on a whim, after his Internet was down for two days.  He passed the time developing ideas for characters and a story.

“I liked the characters I came up with,” he recalls. “I was shy about showing it to my friends, but eventually made an actual story out of it.”

He later spent three months plotting the novel in detail and several weeks writing it.

The book’s main character is Astrid Cailmel, a “seemingly normal person” who, after surviving an attempt on her life, realizes she has extraordinary powers.