New CSCU Scholarship Opportunity

A new scholarship/educational stipend has been established by Nick Donofrio, former chair of the CT State College and Universities (CSCU) Board of Regents. The application deadline is Sept. 17.
The scholarship/educational stipend is targeted to students interested in careers in media and/or communications. It is available to second year, full-time CSCU community college students who are studying in the fields of communications, journalism, broadcasting, television production, digital arts, digital media production, or marketing.
Part-time students are eligible if the scholarship increases the number of credits that can be taken allowing student to accelerate their associate degree program. Students will need to demonstrate need on their FAFSA but do not have to be receiving aid. If they are receiving aid, an education stipend can be used for related expenses beyond tuition if needed.
To receive an application, contact:
Terri Raimondi
CSCU Foundation
Subject line: CSCU scholarship application