NCC Students Participate in NASA Online Courses

Students from Norwalk and Naugatuck Valley Community Colleges completed NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) On-Campus experience.

NCAS is an agency wide, MUREP-funded activity and consists of a five-week online course in which students learn about NASA mission and research. Students who successfully complete the online course receive an invitation to participate in a unique NASA experience which includes a STEM engineering design challenge as well as networking opportunities with NASA and local STEM professionals.

Zusi Ramirez, Stanislav Reymer, from NCC and Jonathan Escobar from NVCC participated in the online course in summer of 2021 and completed the NASA Career Simulation experience in fall 2021.

The initiative is part of NASA CT Space Grant Consortium and is lead by Norwalk Community College’s faulty members Dr. Mobin Rastgar Agah and Professor Jonathan McMenamin-Belano.