NCC Art Professor Joe Fucigna Exhibits at Housatonic Museum of Art

DRIP-DROP, TICK-TOCK, HERE + NOW by Joseph Fucigna Opens October 28

A new exhibit opening on October 28 at the Housatonic Museum of Art is aptly named DRIP-DROP, TICK-TOCK, HERE + NOW. The show, originally scheduled in 2018, was canceled a week prior to opening due to water damage from a fire above the gallery. When rescheduled for 2020, the exhibit was postponed yet again due to the pandemic.

“It is funny how the title, Drip-Drop, Tick-Tock, seems to have anticipated the circumstances of the show cancellations. Drip-Drop for the water damage and Tick-Tock the ticking time bomb of COVID,” said the artist, Joseph Fucigna.

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