Late Start Classes

It’s not too late, there is still time to register for late start classes. Late start session begins on 9/9 and 9/14.

Choose from:

CRN Subj Crse Title
7308 ART D100 Art Appreciation
7608 ART D111 Drawing I
7843 BIO D111 Intro to Nutrition
4361 BIO D112 Applied Nutrition
3278 BMK D201 Principles of Marketing
7336 COM D173 Public Speaking
7613 CSA D105 Intro to Software Aplicatns
7627 CSA D105 Intro to Software Aplicatns
7334 ECE D206 Admin & Supvsn of EC Progrms
7841 ENG D096 Intro to College English
7853 ENG D096 Intro to College English
7854 ENG D096 Intro to College English
7849 ENG D101 Composition
7852 ENG D101 Composition
7850 ENG D101 Composition
7851 ENG D101W Composition Workshop
6516 ENG D109 Grammar for College Writing
7615 ESL D027 Oral Communications II
7610 ESL D132 Reading/Writing III
6965 ESL D135 Grammar III
7691 ESL D135 Grammar III
7355 ESL D142 Reading/Writing IV
7618 ESL D155 Grammar V
7765 ESL D170 Grammar and Style Workshop
7833 ESL D250 TESOL Methodology
7842 FYE D101 Freshman Seminar
7845 HIS D101 Western Civilization I
7844 HIS D201 U.S. History I
7011 HSP D109 Food Safety Certification
7029 MUS D141 Guitar I
7041 MUS D142 Guitar II
7378 MUS D150 Class Piano I
7379 MUS D151 Class Piano II
7846 PSY D111 General Psychology I
7855 SOC D101 Principles of Sociology