Auditions for the 2018 Spring Musical “The Addams Family”

Auditions for NCC’s spring musical, “The Addams Family,” will be held from January 19-25 in the PepsiCo Theater.

Two families –  one “normal” and one “not so normal” – come together when their children wish to marry.  Characters stand up for who they are, secrets are revealed, and the definition of normalcy is overturned. What results is a touching comedy about love and acceptance.

AUDITION TIMES:  Please go to E108 and sign up for a 10-minute slot on either: Friday, Jan. 19th (12pm-2pm); Monday, Jan. 22nd (10am-1:00pm); Tuesday, Jan. 23rd (1pm-2pm or 5:30pm-10pm), or Wednesday, Jan. 24th (10am-1pm).  Call-backs are on Thursday, Jan. 25th from 5:30pm-10pm. Auditions will take place in the PepsiCo Theater.

ROLES/CHARACTERS: In addition to the 10 quirky members of the two families, there is a group of singing zombie ancestors, an ensemble of spirit dancers and even a dancing moon.  Looking for a diverse cast, and all ethnicities will be considered for every role.  Please go to the bulletin board at E108 to pick up the list of characters with in-depth descriptions.

WHAT TO PREPARE FOR AUDITIONS: Fill out an audition form and pick up a script (at E108).

• Prepare an upbeat song (or parts of two songs if you want to show more range), preferably from a musical.  You don’t have to choose a song from ADDAMS FAMILY for your first audition, but you’re welcome to if you’d like.
• At the first audition, in addition to singing, you will read/perform a short 4-5 sentence monologue for one or more of the characters. Practice it as the character—as it’s all about the acting! (Monologues available to pick up at E108.)
• At call-backs, those asked back for a particular role will learn a portion of that character’s main song and read from the script with other actors.  (All of this will be available at E108 as well so that you can practice.)

• Prepare two 30-second pieces of your choice showing different styles of dance. One style should be modern. If you have experience in ballet, please perform that as well.   Open to partner auditions as well.

Rehearsals will be Tues. and Thurs. from 5:30pm-10pm, Fridays from 9am-3pm, and a handful of Saturdays.  Not all actors will be required to attend all rehearsals, depending on role. *Note: The Spirit Dancers may meet separately as a dance ensemble, for the majority of rehearsals.  Performances are April 18-20, in the PepsiCo Theater, and exact calendar is available at E108.

Please contact Christine Mangone with questions at Break a leg!!