Audition for the Performing Arts Festival!

NCC’s Performing Arts Festival is a 12-year tradition that will continue this fall!  It’s a celebration of the Performing Arts at NCC that includes projects from music and theater classes & extra-curricular songs and scenes. We usually have 80-100 students involved, and anyone (including faculty and staff!) can audition and participate onstage or behind the scenes.  The performance is on Tuesday, November 22, 5:30pm.  



Singing Projects: 

This is Me, from The Greatest Showman: This song–filled with tons of vocal solos, featured dancers, and ensemble parts–is for anyone who wants to celebrate their identity, declare their acceptance of everyone, and have fun in the process! To quote the lyrics: “Look out, cause here I come! And I’m marching on to the beat I drum. I’m not scared to be seen; I make no apologies: This is Me!” 

I Feel Nothing, from the Pulitzer-prize-winning musical, A Chorus Line: What happens when you’re in an acting class, and the teacher asks how it feels to… “be a table….or be an ice-cream cone!”?  Well, these actresses feel NOTHING. (Casting 3 soloists–all have comedic monologues as well.) 

Sincerely Me, from Dear Evan Hansen: In contrast to the serious subject matter of this Tony-Award-winning Broadway musical, Sincerely Me, is a comedic song between Evan and his friend, who fabricate email exchanges in order to pretend that Evan and another fellow student were friends. (Casting 3 actorscomedic timing, all three sing and have lines; two have vocal solos) 

Perfect, duet by Ed Sheeran/Beyoncé. Looking for singers and instrumentalists to perform this beautiful song. May divide solos up into multiple parts. So, if you sing and/or if you play ANY instrument, bring your instrument to auditions! (It’s also possible to play an instrument without singing if that’s of interest.) 

Non-Singing 10-Minute Plays: 

Jill Takes a Leap: A bride-to-be is trying to do every risky/adventurous activity that comes to mind before tying the knot to her rather conservative finance.  After meeting others (while about to Bungy-jump), she wonders if she’s living the best version of herself.  (Casting 4 actors–all comedic and dramatic–very fun roles; includes physical comedy)

The 5564 to Toronto: If you could predict every tragedy prior to its happening, and had the responsibility of saving everyone, is that a blessing? (Casting two actors–both comedic/dramatic–amazing acting roles!)

Best Lei’d Plans: Mothers of the newlyweds just don’t have much faith in the future relationship of the bride and groom. However, they realize that they, themselves, have a very promising future together! Looking for actresses with great comedic timing that can play older.

In-Class Projects:  NO AUDITIONS 

Join CHOIR, ACTING or MUSIC THEORY to do a class project for the festival. Includes singing, playing drums, and presenting ghost stories! 



Go to the bulletin board at E108 and sign up for a 10-minute slot for a singing audition and/or a 10-minute slot for a non-singing audition. Possible times are Wed., 9/14: 11:30-12:45; Thurs., 9/15: 1:00-2:00; 4:05-5:00; 6:45-10:00; and Fri., 9/16: 2:00-6:00 (or by appt. if these times don’t work). Call-backs are on Tuesday, Sept. 20. All auditions will take place in the theater on the East campus.

  • If you’re interested in a singing part, please prepare a song or part of a song. Come with a karaoke accompaniment, if possible.
  • If you’re interested in NON-singing roles, you’ll read from the scripts.  (Copies at E108)
  • If you want to audition for singing and non-singing, sign up for TWO audition spots (so you’ll get 10 minutes for each).
  • If you’re interested in playing an instrument (for Perfect), prepare a song/part of any song on your instrument.
  • Rehearsal and performance schedules and lots of additional information at E108.

Questions? Please contact Christine Mangone at E108 or