Apply to NCC Honors Program

Academically talented students are encouraged to apply to the Norwalk Community College Honors Program. The application deadline for the Fall semester is July 26, 2018. Fall classes begin August 28, 2018.

The Honors Program is designed to provide exceptionally able and motivated students with intellectual rigor, small classes and outstanding opportunities for growth and exploration.

The program provides an academically exclusive experience for students with demonstrated ability. Each fall, a new and unique group of students become part of this interdisciplinary program. Non-traditional applicants who believe they have the ability and can demonstrate it (through, for example, an arts portfolio or military service) are encouraged to apply.

NCC graduates are accepted to highly competitive institutions, including Harvard Law School, Columbia, Georgetown, Smith, NYU, Yale and the University of Connecticut.

Why You Should Apply

Attending NCC is an intelligent way to save significant educational expenses before you transfer as a junior to a four-year college or university. By completing your first two years at NCC, you can save up to $130,000 on the overall cost of your undergraduate education.

Honors Program students receive individualized advising by Honors Faculty, who guide them to take advantage of opportunities and resources at NCC and prepare them for their next educational or professional goal.

Selective enrollment and small class size ensure a low student-to-faculty ratio in all Honors courses. Honors students enroll in the Liberal Arts Transfer degree program and take interdisciplinary courses that provide a solid foundation for transfer, regardless of academic major.

The Norwalk Community College Foundation provides extensive scholarship opportunities for admitted Honors students.

 Admission Requirements

Students must apply to join the Honors Program. Applicants who believe that they possess the ability and can demonstrate it in the absence of admission requirements are also encouraged to apply. Currently enrolled NCC students who are interested in the Honors Program should contact Jonathan McMenamin-Balano, NCC Biology Professor and Honors Program Coordinator.

“Students who are interested in applying should enjoy a sense of community, and rigorous and intellectual work,” said McMenamin-Balano. “An applicant will want to know their limits but be willing to test them regularly to learn just how far they can grow.”

Admitted students  enroll full-time (12-15 credits load) to meet their degree requirements and graduate in a two-year timeframe. In certain circumstances, part-time admission to the program is possible.

All applicants are required to complete an application, write a short essay, and interview with the Honors Program Coordinator.

For more information, please contact:   Honors Program Coordinator Jonathan McMenamin-Balano at (203) 857-7351 or