Annual History Symposium on Oct. 2

The 16th annual History Symposium will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 2 in the Gen Re Forum. The public is invited. The topic this year is “Presidential Elections; Then and Now.” Below are the faculty speakers and topics.


Session 1: 10 AM to 11:20 AM

Steve Berizzi:Presidential Elections: Constitutional Basics and a Historical Case-Study

Fredrick Streets: From Slavery to Freedom in the Context of the Electoral Process

Lia Barone: Women’s Suffrage: The 19th Amendment


Session 2: 11:30AM to 12:50PM

Hannah Moeckel Rieke– The Line: Immigration Law and Alien Suffrage in the US after 1924

Susan Seidell: FDR’sFireside Chats: When Words Really Mattered

John Shields: Style Defeats Substance:   How TV Came to Define Presidential Politics from JFK to Trump

Steve Glazer:  Money Talks:    Money in Presidential Elections