2017 Idea Pitch Competition: Overview for Student Contestants

2017 Idea Pitch Competition: Overview for Student Contestants

Any current student (Credit or Non-Credit including Certificate).

5 minute pitch presentation per student.
Slide format will be provided, including:
1. Introduction
2. Problem
3. Solution
4. Benefit
5. Next Steps
6. Conclusion

Selection Process
Presentations will be held on April 7 (Friday, 9-11 AM):
• Each contestant presents pitch to group of E’ship task force members
• 8-10 finalists selected by this group
• Match finalists with volunteer mentors

Notification of Finalists
April 10 (Monday):
• Finalists announced along with their individual mentor match
• Will receive rubric for judging Idea Pitch Competition

Refining Presentation
April 11-21 (two weeks):
• Each finalist works with their mentor to refine idea and presentation
• 5-8 hours depending on need

Dry run of Presentation
April 24, 5-8 PM (Monday):
• Each finalist has 15 minutes to practice in Pepsi Theatre; mentor will provide coaching support.

April 26, 5-7 PM (Wednesday):
• 5 judges will select winners
• Three prizes:  $1000, $750, $500

If you’re not participating through you Public Speaking class, enter by 3/31, please contact: NCC Foundation, stuartcferrell@gmail.com or 203-912-3364