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BLOG: The Connecticut Cost of Two-Year and Four-Year Colleges

If you’re thinking about continuing your education, finding the right college in Connecticut can be daunting. Starting your education is already expensive and with students looking to cut down costs wherever they can, finding the most affordable two-year vs. four-year college in Connecticut is a goal of many. Today, there are many academic…

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Hospitality Management, More Than Just Restaurants and Hotels

The hospitality and foodservice industry continues to grow and expand. With the increased popularity of eating out and travel, more than 16 million people are currently working in these industries. Within this industry is the field of hospitality management, which includes managing employees and the business as a whole. If…

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Learn to Code: Selecting a Computer Language

  When it comes to choosing a career path, you can’t go wrong in considering the technology industry. Today, the top jobs in the market are technology-related occupations, many of which require computer programming knowledge. Programming jobs have been growing 12% faster than the market average overall. With that being said,…

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