Graphic Identity Guidelines

NCC’s marketing communications are designed to incorporate a consistent graphic identity and to establish a strong, clearly defined image. The institutional identity of the college is enhanced through visual images. Each exposure of NCC’s visual identity is an opportunity to increase the college’s effectiveness in the marketplace, to make an impression across a broad range of audiences and to distinguish NCC from the competition.

Our institutional identity is maintained through four primary identity components: logo, typography, color usage and design system. Proper management of these components can greatly contribute to the success of NCC in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The identity components apply to all applications of the NCC name, including advertising, banners, signage, publications and web page design.

Typography, Color Usage and Design

Cindy Zaref has extensive knowledge of typography, color usage and design. For questions about any of these identity elements, call her at 203.857.6808 or email her at

Use of NCC Logo

The Public Relations Office is the official source of all college logos and branding elements. These are available electronically or as hard copy and may not be altered in respect to color, proportion or content. Call Cindy Zaref at 203.857.6808 to receive an electronic copy of the most relevant logo for your needs.