Open Computer Labs

The open labs are still closed during this time. Re-opening date for the labs has not yet been determined.

Open Computer Labs

Two open computer labs are open to all students:

  • Baker Library Computer Lab – Library, East Campus
  • GE Computer Lab – CIT, West Campus

The labs are available throughout the day for internet browsing, research, writing papers, and any other classroom assignments.

NetID is required to log into these computers.

A lab monitor or library staff member is always on hand to offer technical assistance in these labs.

Computer Lab Rules

  • Students are required to logon to computers using their NetID and password.
  • Connecticut residents must show a photo ID to obtain a guest account to log on to the computers.
  • Lab computers are for academic homework and research use. Chat and games are not permitted. Students using them for chat or games will be asked to relinquish them for their proper use.
  • Academic use of the computers (homework and research) takes priority over casual use (email, browsing, etc.)
  • All cell phones and pagers should have their ringers turned off while in the lab. Take phone conversations outside.
  • Settings on the computers should not be changed.
  • Downloading software or the use of file sharing software to the computers is not allowed.
  • Students must have USB flash drives or online cloud services to save their work. Any student files saved to the computer will be lost upon reboot of the computer.