Study Guidelines

You should expect and be willing to do out-of-class work to the extent necessary for successfully passing all of the classes you are taking.

A rule of thumb to follow: plan at least two hours for out-of-class study time for each hour you spend in class. This means if you are taking 12 credits, for example, you need to have roughly 24 hours available for preparation and homework! You are cautioned not to work more hours than the demands of your program of study will allow. More students withdraw from courses because of conflicts with jobs than for any other reasons!

Students are urged to consult with the Director of Financial Aid for part-time employment on campus or to apply for financial aid to reduce the number of off-campus work hours.

A course requiring three hours of class time may not seem demanding at time of registration. However, assignments are given regularly for outside reading and class preparation, library research, preparation of reports and papers, class presentations and testing. Course work demands increase as midterm and final examinations approach. Therefore, students are advised to plan their time accordingly, stay current with all course outline requirements, and start work on reports and examinations as early in the semester as possible.