Software Creation Policy

A. Software Conversion

It shall be the policy of the state system of higher education that the end product of any work done by a student from any of the state’s public colleges or universities to convert, modify or update state-owned software shall be owned by the state.

B. Software Creation(state-owned)

The software created by a student shall be owned by the state when the following conditions are met:

  1. The state, at the inception of the project, informs the student in writing of the state’s intention to use the software;
  2. The student creates the software as part of the course-related activity;
  3. The student uses state resources to create the software; and
  4. The student either shall be paid for creating the software or shall be required to sign an agreement in advance ensuring that the software is owned by the state.

C. Software Creation (student-owned)

Any software developed by a student, unless it is covered under policy statements A and B above or produced under the provisions of a grant or an agreement with an outside funding agent, is owned by the student.

D. Software Copying

Each constituent unit in the state system of higher education shall have policies in place regarding the use and copying of software to protect against lawsuits by vendors. Specific policies are posted in the computer labs.