Religious Practices

In accordance with provisions of state and federal law, Board and College policies prohibit discrimination on the basis of religious belief or practice. This includes the obligation to consider requests for accommodation of such practices.


Faculty members are required to make prior arrangements with their immediate supervisor for the coverage of any classes that will be missed on account of the faculty member’s absence for religious observance. Arrangements may be made for a substitute teacher, a guest speaker or an alternative assignment that does not require the faculty member to be present. Procedures on class coverage found at Article X, Section 6H of the Congress contract should be followed where applicable. Typically, it will not be feasible to reschedule a class on account of a faculty member’s religious observance.


Non-teaching employees must notify their supervisor in advance of their need for time off on account of a religious holiday. The supervisor will grant the request so long as it is timely made and in accordance with procedures that may have been adopted by the College. When a request is granted, it is generally expected that the employee will use personal leave or vacation time to cover the absence from work. Alternatively, an arrangement may be made to make up the missed work or the employee’s work schedule may be modified.


Students have an obligation to notify their instructors in a timely manner regarding anticipated absences for religious observances. Based on procedures adopted by the College, students may be required to request accommodations during the first week of an academic semester or within a prescribed period of time before the anticipated absence. Requests should be made in writing stating the reason for the request, i.e., conflict with scheduled quiz, test, exam, assignment or activity, the religious observance that poses the conflict and the date or dates of such holiday. If an instructor is unfamiliar with a particular religious holiday, he/she may ask the student for a calendar or other documentation of the religious observance or holiday.

Questions concerning the above should be addressed to the Director of Human Resources.