Computer Use Policy

Policy of Conduct and Procedures for Use of Community College Computing Resources

All resources and facilities of the system data center, including the computer center and campus computing sites, shall be used solely for legitimate and authorized academic and administrative purposes. Any unauthorized or illegitimate use of the computer systems, resources, and/or facilities will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including, but not limited to the loss of computing privileges, disciplinary action, and/or legal action. Users may be subject to criminal prosecution in accordance with section 53a-250 et seq. of the general statutes.

Faculty members shall distribute instructional accounts only to those students enrolled in the specified classes for which the account applications have been approved. Students are limited to the use of that specific account number. It is the instructor’s responsibility to review proper usage of these accounts. Any student found utilizing accounts other than his or her own will be subject to disciplinary action.

Administrative accounts are distributed to staff upon application to Institutional Technology. It is the user’s responsibility to secure his or her account from unauthorized access through the use of passwords and file protection measures. All accounts, including programs and data, may be monitored by the system data center to ensure proper and efficient system usage, to identify possible software problems or to check for security violations.

Users shall not attempt to access or make use of any other user’s program or data. Users shall not copy system files, computer center software components, or computer management programs nor shall users attempt to access such programs except for the purposes or which they are intended. In addition, users shall not attempt to modify or repair any equipment belonging to or under the control of Information Technology unless expressly authorized to do so.

Many of the software programs on the data center’s computer system or local campus-based computers, including microcomputers, are copyrighted or proprietary in nature and have been purchased or leased by the community college for use on a single computer system. No employee or student shall copy or modify this software or utilize this software on computer systems other than those designated in the license agreement. Violation of software agreements may result in disciplinary or legal action.

Public domain software purchased under site license agreements from which multiple copies can be made shall be identified by the system data center or college IT department, as appropriate.

No person shall use the community college computer resources for monetary gain, development of software for sale, or to copy public domain software for other than personal use. Any copies of public domain software must contain the same limitation notice as the originals.

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All Connecticut State College & University (CONNSCU) Information Technology (IT) resources are solely for use by authorized users. Authorized users must comply with the current version of all applicable IT policies. ConnSCU IT policies, along with the latest revision dates, can be found at and