Academic Engagement Policy

Grading, Notations, and Academic Engagement Policy.

This fall (2020), a new policy goes into effects for all students. It’s called the Grading, Notations, and Academic Engagement Policy.

The policy requires that all 12 Connecticut State Community Colleges drop students from classes where there is no evidence of active participation within the first two weeks of class. So, what does this mean for you? Basically, you need to actively engage in all of the classes that you’re registered for.

Here are some ways to show engagement in your courses:

  • If you are registered for in-person classes, attend your class from the beginning.
  • When you’re in class, interact with your instructor and classmates. You can do this whether your class is in-person or online.
  • If you are registered for an online class there are many ways to show engagement. You can participate in an online discussion board, submit a class assignment, or take an exam or a quiz. It is also important to initiate contact with your professor to ask questions about what you’re studying in class. Your professors want to get to know you.

What happens if you don’t actively participate within the first two weeks?

  • You will be dropped from the course where you haven’t actively participated.
  • If you are dropped from a class, you are not allowed to attend that class again. This includes your online classes. You won’t have access to your class in Blackboard or anywhere else.
  • You can only receive financial aid for the classes you are actively engaged in.

If you have questions about this new policy, please contact the registrar’s office at