About Advising


Dear Advisor,

Welcome to Norwalk Community College advising! This tool box is a resource for advisors that brings together information relevant to the advising process.

We hope using this toolbox will help you to provide comprehensive and targeted advising to meet the needs of our students. Additionally, we each offer ourselves to you as a resource for your advising work.

Best regards,
The NCC Academic Counseling Staff:

Name Title Phone
Cathy Miller Campus Advising Lead 203.857.3342
Donna Brooks Guided Pathway Advisor I 203.857.7071
Orlando Soto Guided Pathway Advisor I 203.857.7030
Nick Boretsky Guided Pathway Advisor I 203.857.7092
Christian Tovar G Guided Pathway Advisor I 203.857.6874
Marie-Ange Nicolas Ed. Assistant 203.857.7108

Academic Counseling Center Main Line: 203.857.7033
Mental Health Appointment Line: 203.857.6870

What is Advising?

Advising is an interactive relationship between an advisor and student that helps to identify, plan for, and achieve short and long term educational and career goals. Advisors empower students to make appropriate decisions with regard to his or her interests, goals, abilities, and particular degree requirements.

It is crucial in the ongoing process of advising for advisors to consider the individual needs of each student, which may require appropriate referrals for accessing services and resources necessary for success.

Quality academic advising requires that the academic advisor be available and approachable; be knowledgeable of the institution, its resources, and rules beyond his/her own department; and be interested in and capable of helping the student understand the existing educational options in order to develop realistic career goals.

Finally, we affirm the students’ responsibility for knowing and following the institution’s requirements and determining their own direction and goals. As an academic advisor, your assistance in explaining the University’s processes and requirements are invaluable in retaining and graduating students from.