Foreign Languages

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Benvenuti! いらっしゃいませ!

Welcome to Foreign Languages at CT State Norwalk!

Embark on a multicultural experience as you explore the vibrant world of modern languages. Dive into an immersive linguistic journey where you’ll discover the richness of global cultures through language. Here, you’ll find information about our diverse language courses and the dedicated professors who will guide you on your journey to proficiency. Get ready to broaden your horizons and embrace the beauty of communication that transcends borders. Join us in discovering the power of language to connect, inspire, and transform lives. See below for more information on all our class offerings and start your exploration now!

  • Italian with Estelle
    • Fall and Spring, in-person courses
      • Italian 1011 Elementary Italian I
      • Italian 1012 Elementary Italian II
  • Spanish with Andres
    • Fall and Spring, hybrid and online courses
      • Spanish 1011 – Learn the Basics
      • Spanish 1012 – Explore Beyond
      • Intermediate Spanish 2011 – Boost Your Skills 
      • Intermediate Spanish II 2012 – Spanish Mastery
    • Summer
      • Spanish 1011 & 1012
      • Intermediate Spanish 2011
    • Winter
      • Spanish 1011 & 1012
      • Intermediate Spanish II 2012
    • **Coming Soon: Advanced Spanish Courses!
      • Stay tuned for more details, including LAS 1201, Introduction to Latino Studies (Online/Hybrid);  Heritage Spanish Courses; Spanish for Health Personnel; Teaching Assistant in Spanish; Latin American Literature; Special Topics in Spanish; and more!
  • French with Anie
    • Fall and Spring, online (LRON) courses
      • French 1011 Elementary French I
      • French 1012 Elementary French II
  • Japanese with Yumi
    • Fall and Spring, online (LRON) courses
      • Japanese 1011 Elementary Japanese I
      • Japanese 1012 Elementary Japanese II
  • German with Hans
    • Fall and Spring, online (LRON) courses
      • German 1011 Elementary German I
      • German 1012 Elementary German II


Andres Aluma-Cazorla

Estelle Dattolo

Yumi McCarthy

Hans Moeckel-Rieke

Anie Dubosse

Why Learn a New Language?

Learning a new language opens a gateway to a world of opportunities. It enhances cognitive abilities, boosts memory, and improves problem-solving skills. Moreover, it fosters cultural understanding and enables effective communication across borders, enriching personal and professional relationships. Whether for travel, career advancement, or simply broadening one’s perspective, embarking on the journey of language learning is a rewarding investment in oneself.