Transfer Into NCC

Transfer Credit Evaluation

The Admissions Office is available to assist you in the transfer in process. To have your credits evaluated from another college, please follow the following procedures.

Once the official transcript(s) are received, your transfer credits will be evaluated and submitted to the Records Office for data entry onto your NCC transcript.  Transfer credits may be seen on your myCommnet account.  Please bring a student copy of your transcript(s) for course advising purposes only.

More details about transferring credits to NCC

Assessment of Prior Learning

Norwalk Community College recognizes there are many ways to learn, for example:  self-study, on the job courses, military instruction, reading and/or travel.  NCC wishes to award you credit, or advanced placement, for what you already know. The following identifies ways we are prepared to consider college credit for what you have already learned.

  • Transfer college credits to your NCC records
  • Transfer college credits earned at college outside the USA to your NCC records by clearing them through the World Education Service
  • Transfer credits for courses you took in the military
  • Demonstrate mastery of a subject by passing a CLEP (College Level Exam Program) Test
  • Credits awarded for AP (Advancement Placement) Exams
  • Meet with the appropriate NCC Department Chair or Coordinator for courses for which there is no corresponding CLEP or AP tests
  • Prepare a Credit for Life Experience (CLE) portfolio substantiating what you have learned
  • Ask if a professional credential you have earned is eligible for college credits

Transcript Evaluation Requests

Transcript Evaluations

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