Veterinary Assistant Certificate

About this Course

This five-part program will prepare students for a new career in the very exciting area of veterinary health care.  Students are required to have a tetanus shot.  Upon successful completion of the required courses, with a grade of C or above, students will earn a program certificate.  One textbook will be used for the entire program.  These classes must be taken in the sequence listed below.

This certificate will count toward the admissions requirements of the Veterinary Technician two-year degree program at NCC (see the Vet Tech Program Director for details).

Entrance Requirements:  A high schools diploma or equivalent is required.

Required Courses: Veterinary Assisting I: Medical Office Assistant; Veterinary Assisting II; Veterinary Assisting III; Veterinary Assisting IV: Dental and Surgical Assisting; Clinical Veterinary Assisting

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Continuing Ed / Non-Credit

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