Program: AI

This course is designed for business leaders and creative professionals who want to explore the potential of Generative AI in enhancing their processes, outputs, and problem-solving capabilities. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of leading AI models, such as ChatGPT, Claude 3, and Google Gemini, and learn how to leverage their capabilities through advanced prompting … Continue reading “Generative AI for Business and Creative Professionals”

This course explores the profound impact of artificial intelligence on society, focusing on the ethical and social implications of emerging technologies. Over the span of five weeks, students will engage with critical topics such as privacy, surveillance, bias, fairness, employment, regulation, and ethical guidelines. Through lectures, discussions, and case studies, participants will learn to assess … Continue reading “AI in Society: Ethical and Social Implications”

Unlock the potential of Generative AI in this introductory course designed for professionals, business leaders, and anyone interested in the transformative power of artificial intelligence, from the fundamentals to practical applications.  Navigate beyond the jargon to gain a concrete understanding of what Generative AI is, why it matters, and how it’s shaping the future of … Continue reading “Introduction to Generative AI”