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Connecticut War Veterans and National Guard Members

For Fall and Spring semesters: Prior to registration, veterans must present Form DD-214 and complete a Tuition Waiver Form in the Records Office. If approved, tuition will be waived; however, registration fees and mandatory fees are still the responsibility of the student.

National Guard Members can register and pay the registration fees and must have their certification submitted to the Business Office before the balance due date.

Connecticut veterans, who have applied for the post-9/11 CH33 GI Bill® and have submitted a Certificate of Eligibility to the Records Office, will pay their course fees and have their tuition reimbursed once NCC receives payment from the Federal Government.

For Summer and Winter semesters: Veterans and National Guard tuition waiver doesn’t apply.

“GI Bill®” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Senior Citizen Waiver

Connecticut Senior Citizens 62 and older pay no tuition fees, with the exception of supplemental and material fees if applicable. Courses are on a space available basis to be determined by Senior Registration Day (check date and time in the Academic Calendar).

When registering as a Senior, proof of age (driver’s license) and a Waiver of Tuition and Fees form must be signed and submitted to the Business Office.

A senior citizen may register early by paying for the course; however, paying for the course negates the senior waiver for that course. No refund will be issued if the course is dropped, then re-added on senior registration day.

*Please note, this waiver can be utilized only for Spring and Fall semesters during Senior Registration, and it cannot be applied to previous semesters for reimbursements purposes.

CSCU Employee Waiver

Please contact your CSCU HR representative for further details.