Payment Plan

Payment Plan Details for Spring 2019

If you signed for the payment plan for the current semester and paid only the registration fee/deposit, the next payment due dates are:

First Payment January 2, 2019 which includes:
50% tuition
$25.00 payment plan fees
$20.00 transportation fee
plus any mandatory fees, if applicable
Second Payment February 12, 2019 which includes:
25% tuition
Third Payment March 12, 2019 which includes:
25% tuition

Failure to make the First Payment (January 2, 2019) will cancel your original registration and requires you to re-register for a new schedule.

A $15.00 fee will apply to late Second (February 12, 2019) and Third (March 12, 2019) payments received after the due date.

Refund Policy on Payment Plans