Where a Computer Science Degree Can Take You

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It seems obvious why the computer science field has boomed in the past decade; computers are vital to today’s economy and our daily lives. Entering the field of computer technology can be a great career move, but you may not realize that it can open up many career options. Below, we discuss just a few of the careers that are possible with a computer science degree.

Web Developer

Web developers design and code websites. They are responsible for the way a site looks, functions and interacts. They are also responsible for the site’s technical aspects, such as its performance and capacity. They help ensure that the site is easily downloadable in a number of browsers and interfaces, and that it can handle traffic. In addition to knowing a number of computer languages such as Javascript, HTML and CSS, web developers must have the communication skills and creativity to ensure the website meets user needs.

Database Administrator

Database administrators oversee an organization’s vital digital information. They store, organize, optimize and protect information such as financial data, medical patient information and customer shipping records. They ensure that this information is accessible to users and is secure by backing up databases and developing internal security measures to keep the data from hackers and others without authorized access. Administrators also plan and implement database expansions when needed. They should be organized and able to multitask, often under tight deadlines. Problem solving and analytical skills are a must.

Software Developer

Software developers create computer programs that allow users to perform specific tasks. They need to be fluent in the computer languages that are used to write the code for programs such as Java, Python and Javascript. Being a good communicator is also important since developers need insight and information from users about how the software is working. Once programs are developed, software developers regularly maintain and upgrade them.

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Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write, modify and test code, forms and scripts that allow computer applications and software programs to run. They turn the program designs created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow. They may also assist software developers by analyzing user needs and designing software solutions. Programmers must be fluent in the common computer languages used to create programs and understand the logic and structure of languages so that they can easily learn new computer languages.  

Information Security Analyst

Information security or cyber security analysts specialize in protecting and securing an organization’s computer networks, systems and information from cyber attacks and other security threats. A strong background in computer programming and web development is critical. Strong problem solving skills are a must as analysts continually assess and test the system. Information security analysts also need to be forward thinking, as they research data security trends to anticipate problems so they can install preventive measures to address any issues before they surface.   

Computer Network Architect

A systems architect is someone who develops, installs and maintains computer systems and networks including local area networks, wide area networks, extranets and intranets. They assess an organization’s needs for data sharing and communications, evaluate the products and services available in the marketplace, and design technology solutions to meet the organization’s IT needs. Computer network architects test systems before implementing them and resolve problems as they occur after set-up. Necessary skills include detailed knowledge of software engineering techniques and analytical skills to evaluate computer networks.

About Norwalk Community College

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