The Connecticut Cost of Two-Year and Four-Year Colleges

Two Year vs. Four Year College | Norwalk Community College

If you’re thinking about continuing your education, finding the right college in Connecticut can be daunting. Starting your education is already expensive and with students looking to cut down costs wherever they can, finding the most affordable two-year vs. four-year college in Connecticut is a goal of many. Today, there are many academic options available, but there are ways to make the local search easier.  Even if you do not know what major you would like to pursue, doing some homework can lead you to your dream school. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a Connecticut college or university.

“Fit” Matters

It’s important to choose a local campus where you’ll feel comfortable and engaged with other students and faculty. “Not feeling connected” is one of the top reasons college students drop out, note academic counselors.  Before applying, visit the local campus to get a sense of the institution’s culture. Are students welcoming? Are the staff helpful? Are the facilities and technology up-to-date?

Two-Year or Four-Year?

Some students seek the experience of living on campus at a four-year college; others prefer the cost effective alternative of a local two-year community college. There they can take classes close to home, at their own pace, while saving money for both their career or continuing education. A major benefit to staying in Fairfield County is the cost correlation with an Associate Degree. Looking for the cheapest two-year vs. four-year college in Connecticut is the main objective for some students; finding the highest level of education for the best price. Community colleges in Connecticut come with their own local benefits. Students have the option to prepare for a four-year institution or prepare for their future without the hefty price tag.

The Cost

2 year vs 4 year college cost comparison | Norwalk Community College
Total Overall Cost per Semester

When you attend a local Fairfield County educational institution like Norwalk Community College, you are enrolling in a quality education that will reduce your overall student debt as you continue in your chosen path.

Many private institutions offer a prestige factor and name recognition, but they also carry a hefty price tag—up to $65,000 a year.

Americans today owe more than $1.48 trillion in student loan debt, the highest ever.  In fact, the average student loan debt for Class of 2017 college graduates was $39,400.

The average cost of tuition and fees for the 2017–2018 school year was $38,050 at private four-year colleges, $16,716 for state residents at four-year public colleges, and $38,505 for out-of-state residents attending public universities, while room and board rates can add up to $20,000.When looking at the cheapest two-year vs. four-year college in Connecticut, the average tuition and fees combined with room and board can really add up. A community college will help cut down these rates and reduce your overall student debt.

Dollars for Scholars

Most people need some financial assistance for college. Check out financial aid, work opportunities on campus, and whether the college has an endowment. At Norwalk Community College, for example, the NCC Foundation endowment awards more than $1.5 million in scholarships annually.

A Great Value

Consider starting at a community college and transferring after graduation. Classes are much smaller and faculty tend to be more engaged with students.  At NCC, we help students adjust to the demands of college work and explore different majors and career options without financial risk.

Thanks to state and federal subsidies, NCC tuition is around only $4,400 annually.  NCC can be a stepping stone to a bigger name college. NCC graduates are accepted to competitive institutions including Harvard, Yale, UConn, Smith, Cornell and Georgetown.

Credits are transferable. The college has articulation agreements with other institutions to help transfer credits with ease.

Quality Counts

Just because community college tuition is affordable doesn’t mean the education isn’t outstanding.  NCC professors are scholars and workforce experts who have doctorates from elite institutions including M.I.T. and Columbia. Generous support from corporate and individual donors funds state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and advanced educational technology.

In 2016, Norwalk Community College was ranked second nationwide for Lowest Student Loan Default Rate and third nationwide for Best Career Outcomes by’s  Best and Worst Community Colleges report. 

Consider Norwalk Community College when considering your academic future.  For more information on Norwalk Community College, call the Admissions Office at (203)857-6800 or visit