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Selecting the Right Major | Norwalk Community College


One of the biggest questions every college student faces is deciding a major. A select number of students grow up knowing what they want to do, but most discover their areas of interest while in college. Being able to work toward a degree that you are passionate about makes it worth it. If you don’t know what you want to do, don’t panic! Chances are there are plenty of others in your shoes. Choosing your major can be a lot of pressure. Let’s discuss a few ways to help ease that burden.

Take Courses You’re Interested In
One of the easiest ways to figure out what you want to study is to take different courses. If you can, take courses in different subject areas to help narrow your selection. For example, you can take a class in business, biology, psychology, and maybe even criminal law. If you dread the class and homework, chances are that is not the right major for you. If you find a class that you love and can’t wait to attend and find the homework interesting and even a bit challenging, this field of study could be a contender!

The good news is that most colleges offer these courses as general education requirements, which allows you to take a variety of classes and still be on the right track for graduation.

Consider Outside Factors
While most students declare a major based on their interests, there are other factors to keep in mind. Things like salary, time to completion, and desired geographic location can make a difference in what you decide to declare. If maintaining a certain salary and standard of living is important to you, researching the median salary nationally or in your region can help narrow your results.

Certain locations provide different opportunities for graduating students. If you are business major, you may want to focus you job search on a larger city such as Boston or New York. If you prefer a smaller, more rural area of the country, this may dictate the kinds of opportunities that are available in your given field.

If you would like to complete your degree quickly to get started on your career earlier, finding a major that matches this need is crucial. Some areas of study offer certificates that you can finish in a shorter amount of time than a Bachelor’s Degree, for example, and still get you started on a career path sooner.

Do research on various areas of study before choosing your major, including weighing all outside factors before declaring.

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When Do I Declare a Major?
Most schools have a deadline for when you declare your major – for many schools this is second semester sophomore year. Just know that the declaration is not permanent. If you decide to head in another direction, changing your major can be as easy as filling out a piece of paper. But it’s helpful to understand that if you change your major later in your college career, you may have to fulfill certain requirements with the new major in a shorter amount of time, possibly extending your time at college.

About Norwalk Community College
Some colleges may have deadlines to declare a major, but students at Norwalk Community College are free to change their programs (or majors) at any time. Some NCC students (non-degree students) never declare a major because they plan to transfer credits to another college or university.

The guidance counselors at NCC are well trained and experienced. They would love to help any student struggling to select a major. If you are a current student at NCC and would like to declare, update, or add a major, simply complete and submit the request document. With NCC’s diverse range of subject areas, you are sure to find your passion here. To learn more about our different majors, degrees and certifications offered, contact us today.