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The hospitality and foodservice industry continues to grow and expand. With the increased popularity of eating out and travel, more than 16 million people are currently working in these industries. Within this industry is the field of hospitality management, which includes managing employees and the business as a whole. If there are any problems with a customer or guest, the manager will take over to ensure that client has a pleasant experience. Not only do they make sure every customer is having a great experience at their property, they also make sure every department is running efficiently and effectively. But, their main goal is to make sure their property or business is profitable.

When people think about the hospitality industry, more times than not they associate this field with restaurants and hotels. However, there are many different tiers and positions in the industry you may not be aware of. Here are a few other positions and places where a degree in hospitality management can serve you well.

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Cruise Ship Hotel Manager

A cruise ship manager, like a hotel manager, is responsible for the entire hotel operations on-board often including food and beverage, concessionaires, rooms, housekeeping, etc. They run the administrative tasks in addition to the day-to-day tasks on the ship to ensure all guests are happy about their cruising experience. They work closely with other departments on the ship such as Beauty Salon, Casino, Deck and Engine Departments. Companies such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line provide positions for this career path. Average annual salary for a cruise ship hotel manager is $51,791.Typically this position will require a Bachelor’s Degree.

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Meeting/ Event Planner

Yes, a meeting/event planner falls under the Hospitality Management field. An event planner organizes large events such as fundraisers or conferences. Their job is to work with customers to understand their needs for the event, find appropriate venues and handle all aspects of the event from transportation and rooms to food service. Event planners can work at hotels, convention centers or for large companies. Employers are looking for candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree, in addition to relevant work experience.

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Theme Park Manager

Most people have been to a theme park such as Six Flags or Disneyland. While these are the most well-known, there are more than 400 amusement parks and attractions in the United States, employing more than 600,000 year-round and nearly as many seasonal employees.[2]

Each theme park requires a manager to run and oversee operations efficiently with guest safety and experience in mind. Responsibilities include overseeing such areas as ride maintenance, complaints and customer inquiries, park cleanliness and overall financial success. Most parks require relevant work experience with a degree in management.

Tour Operator

In addition to the plethora of career opportunities you’ll have with a hospitality management degree, a tour operator also requires a hospitality degree. As more Americans travel, more seek a unique, or more individualized experience. The kinds of companies you may work for include small private specialty or large international tour operators and cruise lines. Planning itineraries, handling travel and attraction bookings and accomodations, invoicing and issuing tickets, maintaining any necessary permits and ensuring customer satisfaction are all tasks for which a tour operator is responsible. A Bachelor’s Degree is recommended for this position.

In addition to the careers mentioned above, there are plenty of places of work that offer positions for someone with a hospitality management degree. With an expanding workforce and a growing popularity, it is the perfect time to get started on your future in the hospitality industry. At NCC, in addition to learning theories and principles of hospitality management, our students get hands-on experience, learning skills they can put to use immediately upon graduation.

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