Four Reasons to Consider Community College


In the past decade, community college has become a more viable option for many looking to continue their education. Today’s community colleges have become more academically rigorous with high standards and industry-experienced educators. Local community colleges offer a diverse range of classes towards an associate degree, as well as a variety of certifications. Let’s take a look at the variety of reasons why someone would benefit from attending a community college.

Unsure of Post-High School Plans

If you’re a high school graduate but aren’t sure if college is for you or don’t know what you would like to study, community college is a great option. A local CT community college allows you to take a few courses at a time. This way you can test out what majors are of interest to you. Try different subjects to see if there is an industry you might want to pursue further. Plus, class sizes at community colleges tend to be smaller – no large lecture halls. You can better interact with other students and your professors, ask questions, get help, advice and input with a smaller class size.  

Considering a Career Change

If you’ve been out in the working world for awhile and are looking for a new career, start at a community college. Take a course or two to test your interest in a particular certification or degree path.  At a local community college, you can easily take classes while continuing to work. Community college classes often meet at flexible times so you can fit them around your work schedule. If your new career requires a bachelor’s degree, you can get all the requirement or prerequisite classes out of the way at community college – most college credits will transfer.  

Save Money

College these days often comes with a high price tag. If you want to save money on your education, you may want to start your academic career at a more affordable community college rather than a pricier four-year institution. A local community college will start at around $4,400 per year while a four-year institution will start at around $20,000. There you can take classes close to home, at your own pace – perhaps even while holding down a job. All of these will help you save money while continuing your education. Most community college credits will transfer if you want to continue and pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution.

Earn Extra College Credits

If you’re already at a four-year college or university, community college classes can help you earn extra credits. If you want to graduate early or fulfill specific general requirements or prerequisites, you may want to take those classes at your area community college during the summer or winter break. Some community colleges allow you to earn up to four credits in 12 days during certain sessions. Many general studies class credits taken at community college will transfer to your four-year institution.

Norwalk Community College is a great place to take college courses. Whether you’re testing out the waters to see if you want to further your education, boost or change your career path, or just earn extra credits during school breaks, Norwalk Community College offers a wide variety of courses. Many of these class credits transfer. For more information or to register for the upcoming semester, contact us today.