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The common perception is that once you receive a degree, whether it’s an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s, that is all the education you need. However, in some industries, that is not the case. While having a degree is great, some careers require a supporting certificate.

Human Resources (SHRM)

Many people who work in Human Resources start off with a Business Admin degree. Whether that is an Associate or a Bachelor’s degree, obtaining a SHRM certification gives you a professional advantage. The SHRM prepares you for real work problems and situations. There are two types of SHRM accreditation, the SHRM- CP and the SHRM- SCP. The SHRM- SCP focuses on analyzing performance metrics and aligning HR goals with the company’s goals. The SHRM- CP focuses on delivering HR services and performing HR functions. You can obtain this certification with just an Associate degree. However, it might require additional hands-on work experience. For more information on how to receive this certificate and testing information, click here.

Accounting (CPA)

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA is difficult as there are many requirements and restrictions to taking the exam. And not everyone is eligible. You will need at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Each state has their own requirements and exam. Gaining a CPA provides many benefits to your accounting career, including the chance for promotion and access to higher-paying positions. The CPA certificate will be a lot of work, as it requires over 120 hours of college credit hours.

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Project Management (PMP)

A project manager is responsible for the planning, management and execution of a specific project. One of the main tasks of a project manager is to use resources and abilities to achieve or exceed what the company planned for a project. Projects can range from a product launch to measuring risk as well as producing plans to increase quality. For project managers, obtaining a PMP certificate is important for not only the recognition but also the expertise that you’ll gain. During the certification process, you will learn about strategies and methods to deliver a project on-time while managing a budget and resources. On top of required hours, you can pursue a PMP certificate with just an Associate degree.

The Next Step

Whether you decide to pursue a degree or a certificate, the next step is to get organized. There is no such thing as too much information. All of these certificates require a test and a certain number of professional hands-on hours to complete. Make sure you are eligible to complete these certificates before proceeding. If you already have a business admin associates degree, the next step is to pick a field in business. If you decide to go into accounting and want to pursue a CPA, going for a bachelor’s would be your next step. A SHRM and a PMP certificate do not require a Bachelor’s degree, so gaining the relevant experience would help further your objectives.

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