A Concentration vs. a Minor with Your Business Degree?

Selecting A Concentration vs. A Minor for Your Business Degree | Norwalk Community College


So you’ve selected a major, is that enough? For some, the answer is yes, for others it isn’t. Many institutions offer a variety of concentrations and minors to support your business degree. The path you choose will depend on what you want to pursue and your interests. Understanding the difference between a concentration and a minor can be confusing, so we want to give you a better understanding to make the best choice for you and your future.

A Minor or a Concentration?

The best way to distinguish between a minor and a concentration is that a minor can be in any field, while a concentration relates to one’s major. A minor is a secondary academic specialization, which allows students to gain skills in additional areas. One’s minor does not have to relate to their major. For example, you may declare a major in business administration but have a minor in psychology. With a minor, you will still have to fulfill mandatory courses, but fewer than you will need to complete your major.

A concentration refers to a subject or study within a specific major. This concentration must be in the same field. For example, within business administration, a complimentary concentration could be management, finance or marketing. All three areas relate to business administration, making them ideal areas of concentration. There is no additional work or courses that a student needs to take to obtain a concentration within a degree. As part of the degree coursework, concentration classes count toward your major requirements as well.

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Choosing the Best Path for Business

The good news is whether you chose to select a minor or a concentration, there is no wrong decision. However, you can prepare for your career by selecting the right area of education. With a business degree, there are many options and specific fields of study. If you have a passion outside of your business major, then selecting a minor might make sense. For example, if you’re working toward a degree in business administration but love the idea of international travel, you might select a specific language as your minor. If you have an interest within the business major and want specific education and preparation, selecting a concentration such as finance or accounting will help get you there. Gaining additional education always helps to prepare you for a career after graduation.

About Norwalk Community College

Some institutions have deadlines to declare a major, but students at Norwalk Community College can change their programs (or majors) at any time. Some NCC students (non-degree students) never declare a major because they plan to transfer credits to another college or university

At Norwalk Community College, our students can select from a variety of programs and offerings within the business department. Whether you select a concentration or a minor in another field, our business program is tailored to set you up for a career. To learn more about our business programs or if you would like more information on Norwalk Community College, contact us today.