When you are a TRiO student, you have the opportunity to take advantage of special privileges that our program offers. The following are services we offer for our TRiO students.


The TRiO program offers personal one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects to assist students where they really need it.  Topics include:  Mathematics, Essay writing, Personal transfer statements/essay, and Scholarship essays, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, and Chemistry. If you are a TRiO Program student, please be sure to reach out to our Tutoring staff to make an appointment:

Ms. Agnes Wilson
Areas: Writing Specialist, Math, & Study Skills
Email Address: angeswilson@optonline.net
Office Cell: (203) 522-6682

Ms. Hala Dadoush
Areas: Math & Chemistry
Email Address:HDadoush@ncc.commnet.edu
Office Cell: (203) 522-1363

Ms. Azka Yaseen-Ansari
Areas: Biology & Anatomy and Physiology
Email: AYaseen-Ansari@ncc.commnet.edu
Office Cell: (203) 522-7392


Academic Adviing & Life Skills Development:

TRiO Program staff understands what it is like to be a community college student.  We are here to assist you with academic advising (selecting classes) and life skills development.

Together, we can:


Build an Academic plan:

  • Registration advising
  • Graduation mapping
  • Other tools as needed


Get a handle on finances by:


Find balance in life + academics with:

  • Time Management
  • Prioritizing
  • Organizational skills and tools


Learn study skills + habits, like:

  • Note-taking tips and techniques
  • Studying tips
  • Self-quizzing

Financial Aid Assistance:

For many Financial Aid questions, we will refer you to the Financial Aid Office.  However, we do offer TRiO students help with:

  • Filling out the FAFSA Form
  • Finding Scholarships & assist with Scholarship essays to receive them
  • General Financial Aid Information

Selective Free Summer Credit Course:

The TRiO program staff recognize how difficult some courses can be.  To make it easier on them, we mainly offer MAT136 for free during the summer session.  During this time, our students build a connection with their professor and each other, obtain extra help from one of our tutors, and get ahead in their academics by satisfying a pre-requisite course.