Academic Enrichment & First Year Experience Division

What we offer

The division includes a variety of services and programs to support students. The Student Support Services program is a federally-funded Trio program designed for non-traditional students. ConnCas is a state-funded program, which also provides support for students. In addition, the division includes the Tutoring Services Center, The Writing Center, and a Testing Center for students with disabilities who need accommodations. The division offers Developmental English, and two first year experience courses: College Forum and Freshman Seminar, both of which are college level.

A developmental course in writing may be required of students before they enter higher-level, credit-bearing courses. Placement in this course is determined by a placement exam, interviews, and additional criteria when appropriate.

Course Offerings

ENG 088: Writing and Reading Skills

6 semester hours

This course is designed to build academic reading and writing skills. Course activities and assignments introduce students to the types of academic writing required in college courses. Emphasis is given to developing opinion/support essays using the writing as process philosophy.  Reading selections, including literature, nonfiction texts, selections from textbooks, and articles in various academic disciplines, are used as writing models and to help students to read, comprehend, and drive meaning more efficiently. Students learn to use active reading techniques to develop an academic vocabulary and improve their comprehension on both the literal and inferential levels. Library resources are introduced, and students are taught how to incorporate citations into their papers. A departmental exit assessment and a portfolio of course writing work are required.

COL 100: College Forum

1 semester hour

Required of all first time, full time students

This first year experience course introduces strategies and skills for success at NCC and beyond.  You will learn how to be proactive in your educational pursuits and how to access a broad range of support services that are available.  This one credit class will show you how to proactively navigate your way through the NCC college experience, and ultimately achieve your goals.

FS 101: Freshman Seminar

3 semester hours

Open to all NCC students

This first-year student success course addresses issues related to students’ transition to college and beyond. Students use a variety of self and career assessment instruments to explore career paths, practice goal setting and develop plans for achieving their goals.  In addition, students review and practice academic success strategies; develop critical thinking abilities as they analyze materials that reflect the diversity in the college and in society.