Online Application Instructions

Step 1

  • Create an account and complete the account creation.
  • Use your personal email address. If in high school, it is still recommended to use a personal email instead of your high school email to ensure you receive all application-related emails. Be sure to check it regularly. (Emails may occasionally appear in your spam folder)
  • When entering Date of Birth, select month and year first and then date. This will populate the correct birthdate in this field (Be sure the year is correct as it will default to 2020 if you select month and day only (as in this example)

Step 2

  • Look at the account you created. Confirm your first name appears in the upper right corner. Confirm that you selected the correct college (NCC). Complete the other required information.

Step 3

  • Continue filling out the required information and select Save & Continue at the bottom of the page.

Step 4

  • Now you will complete the information on the Academic Plan page and select
    Save & Continue at the end of the page before moving on to the demographic section of the application.

Step 5

  • Demographic section is next.
  • Entering SSN is highly recommended. Without it, application processing will be delayed, and an additional form will be required before the application can be processed.

Step 6

  • You will then complete the Academic History page and select Save & Continue at the end.
  • If you select your school from the search list, it will appear as shown here, and you will continue entering the academic history information.
  • [ALTERNATIVE] If your school is not found or you are home schooled, click on the
    School Not Found button. Complete the information required in the box (high school name and high school address.) Additionally, check Home Schooled if applicable and complete the necessary academic history.

Step 7

  • Please read the SDE Data Sharing notice. It is recommended that you select “yes” and note your SASID. If you do not know your SASID, ask your school counselor for assistance.

Step 8

  • Answer the college question below and if you attended another college for credit AFTER HIGH SCHOOL, you will enter your college information similar to how you entered your high school information. Complete the section and then select Save & Continue.

Step 9

  • Complete the Self Attestation & Signature section. Read each attestation and select Yes or No. Sign by typing your name, then select Submit Application

Step 10

  • You will then be brought to the My Account page. Click on the View link under Action.

Step 11

  • Anything with a red asterisk is required before your application can be processed.

Step 12

  • You can always log back into your account using your email and password to check the status of your application.