Early Childhood Infant Toddler Certificate

Program Description

The Certificate Program provides students with the opportunity to complete a course of study which will prepare them to work with infants and toddlers in the field of early childhood education.  Candidates in the Early Childhood Education curricula must complete the ECE academic courses with a minimum grade of C.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Recognize and identify current and historical theoretical Early Childhood approaches;
  2. Recognize quality Early Childhood Education programs;
  3. Apply child development theory to practice;
  4. Design developmentally appropriate curriculum;
  5. Be a reflective practitioner;
  6. Become early childhood advocates;
  7. Value and translate theory into pracitce utilizing the Preschool Curriculum Framework (PCF), NAEYC Accreditation Standards, and the NAEYC code of Ethical and Professional Conduct; and
  8. Be a collaborative community partner.
 Requirements (30 Credits)
 Semester 1
 ENG 101 Composition 3 credits
 ECE 141 Infant / Toddler Growth and Development 3 credits
 ECE 176 Health, Safety and Nutrition 3 credits
 ECE 103 Creative Experiences for Children 3 credits
 ECE 190 Early Childhood Education Behavior Management 3 credits
 Semester 2
 ECE 241 Methods and Techniques for Infant / Toddler Care 3 credits
 ECE 231 Early Language and Literacy Development 3 credits
 ECE 275 Child, Family and School Relations 3 credits
 ECE 106 Music and Movement for Children 3 credits
 ECE 215 The Exceptional Learner 3 credits