Liberal Arts and Sciences A.A. Transfer Program, Advisement Sequence in Global Studies

Program Description

The Global Studies Option is an Advising Sequence within the two-year Liberal Arts and Sciences Transfer Degree with required and recommended coursework that is broadly global in emphasis. Because students may expect to be living in an ever more interconnected, trans-cultural world, this academic concentration allows coursework to be selected which affords a global perspective at the freshman and sophomore levels, within the requirements of the Liberal Arts curriculum. It provides a foundation for further study leading to a Bachelor's Degree in general Liberal Arts, Global/International Studies, Independent Studies, International Business, Peace and Conflict Studies or International Relations.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of the geography, political systems, culture, religious practices and traditions of regions of the world beyond North America;
  2. Deepen their knowledge of another country/culture by studying its language;
  3. Write about current global issues and the ways in which globalization affects the economy, environment, culture, language, political movements and health;
  4. Learn how the principles of political science, environmental studies, social studies and language studies can generate a better understanding of the self and others;
  5. Learn to appreciate the impact of individual decisions on the world, and world events on the individual; and
  6. Evaluate their interest in further global area studies and career options at the BA level (or beyond) with designated program advisors.