General Studies Program A.S.

Program Description

The General Studies curriculum is designed for students who wish to graduate with a well-balanced general education. It also allows students who have not yet decided on an area of concentration to explore and enrich themselves before specialization. It is an appropriate choice for students who wish to increase their knowledge or skills to qualify for other curricula while pursuing a wide range of interests.

General Studies students should coordinate with a particular program in a baccalaureate institution if transfer is desired. The requirements of senior institutions determine the transferability of credit.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will:

  1. Develop written texts of varying lengths and styles that communicate effectively and appropriately;
  2. Develop oral messages of varying lengths and styles that communicate effectively and appropriately;
  3. Recognize, understand, and use quantitative elements;
  4. Become familiar with science as a method of inquiry;
  5. Use traditional and digital technology to access, evaluate, and apply information;
  6. Understand the interrelatedness of various realms of human experience;
  7. Understand the systems of influences that shape a person's, or group's attitudes, beliefs, emotions, symbols, and actions;
  8. Understand the diverse nature, meanings, and functions of creative endeavors through the study and practice of the creative arts;
  9. Identify and apply ethical principles that guide individual and collective actions; and
  10. Understand how elective courses reflect personal, occupational and academic interests.