Smartphone App Development Certificate Program

Program Description

This certificate prepares students to enter the fastest growing segment of the information technology application development marketplace. It includes basic programming skills, object-oriented programming techniques, an overview of current mobile platforms and device-specific advanced topics. Students completing the program will be able to create simple applications on a variety of devices and specialized programs on the device of their choice. Platforms currently offered include Apple iPhone and Google Android OS.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Plan, design, code, test, and debug solutions to programming problems using a variety of programming languages;
  2. Gain understanding of fundamental object oriented programming concepts, including encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism;
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of object-oriented programming principles through exams and lab exercises;
  4. Compare and contrast mobile platforms, their tools, and the development process;
  5. Install software development kits for each mobile platform;
  6. Demonstrate understanding of the development cycle for mobile devices including building, testing, and deployment;
  7. Create apps for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices;
  8. Create cross-platform web applications for mobile devices; and
  9. Test projects in proprietary emulators for each platform.
 Requirements (14 Credits)
 Semester 1
 CSC 108 Introduction to Programming 4 credits
 Semester 2
 CSC 226 Object Oriented Programming Using Java 4 credits OR CSC 245 Introduction to C# 4 credits
 CSC 262 Programming Mobile Devices I 3 credits
 Semester 3
 CSC 263 Programming Mobile Devices ll 3 credits