Nursing Career Program A.S.

Program Description

(Information may be subject to change)

The Connecticut Community Colleges Nursing Program (CTCCNP) is an innovative associate degree nursing program offered at six Connecticut Community Colleges. The nursing program is a four semester program designed to prepare registered nurses to function in the professional role utilizing current standards of nursing practice. The curriculum is built upon courses from the social and biological sciences, liberal arts, and nursing. These courses provide the foundation for the practice of nursing.

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 Requirements (65 Credits)
 Admission Requirements
 ENG 101 Composition 3 credits
 BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology I 4 credits
 Pre-Requisite Requirements
 BIO 212 Anatomy and Physiology II 4 credits
 College Core and Major Requirements (65 Credits)
General Education 30
  Science (12 credits)  
  English (6 credits)  
  Social and Behavioral Science (9 credits)  
  Humanities and Fine Arts (3 credits)  
Nursing Program 38
 Recommended Sequence of Study
 Semester 1
 NUR 120 Nursing in Health & Illness I 9 credits *
 BIO 235 Microbiology 4 credits *
 PSY 111 General Psychology I 3 credits
 Semester 2
 NUR 125 Nursing in Health & Illness II 8 credits
 PSY 201 Lifespan Development 3 credits *
 SOC 101 Principles of Sociology 3 credits
 Semester 3
 NUR 220 Nursing In Health & Illness III 9 credits
 ENG 102 Literature and Composition 3 credits
 Semester 4
 NUR 225 Nursing In Health & Illness IV 8 CREDITS
 NUR 226 Transition To Practice 2 credits
 IDS 210 Humanities: The Creative Voice 3 credits OR IDS 230 Liberal Arts / Humanities: Great Books 

* There may be a prerequisite course that must be successfully completed prior to taking the course.

Non-Nursing courses must be taken in the semester indicated above or they may be taken earlier. Nursing courses must be taken in the stated sequence.

COM 173 Public Speaking is NOT required for the nursing program.