Art and Design: Graphic Design Certificate Program

Program Description

A one-year course of study for people who hold an Associate or Bachelor's degree and who wish to concentrate in the field of Graphic Design. Not all courses are offered each semester.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Use graphic design elements, principles, and procedures to create appropriate visual communication;
  2. Understand the historical foundations of visual communications and recognize contemporary design concepts/trends;
  3. Demonstrate proficiency with industry-standard manual and digital tools;
  4. Demonstrate critical, analytical and aesthetic thought processes, as well as industry-standard vocabulary;
  5. Create a career, transfer or personal portfolio that demonstrates a broad understanding of graphic design skills, sensibilities, and techniques;
  6. Gain industry experience through an internship (optional)
 Requirements (28 credits)
 ART 109 Color Theory 3 credits
 ART 111 Drawing I 3 credits
 ART 207 History of Graphic Design 3 credits OR ART 102 Art History II: Modern Art 3 credits
 ART 250 Digital Photography 3 credits
 GRA 151 Graphic Design I: Skills and Principles 3 credits
 GRA 202 Typography 3 credits
 GRA 252 Graphic Design II: Process and Presentation 3 credits
 GRA 241 Digital Page Design: Adobe InDesign 3 credits
200 Level Graphic Design (GRA) Studio course 3 credits
 GRA 290 Portfolio Preparation I 1 credit