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The Family Economic Securiy Program

Helping student parents succeed.

Ask Yourself:

  • Are you a student who is a parent?
  • Are you someone who is determined to complete their NCC degree despite the challenges of balancing work, family and school?
  • Do you want to go on to a baccalaureate program?



Then the Family Economic $ecurity Program (FE$P) may be able to help you.

FE$P works with students who are parents to create strong economic futures by encouraging and supporting their financial, academic, career and personal success.

The Family Economic $ecurity program (FE$P) is an innovative partnership of Norwalk Community College, the Fairfield County Community Foundation's Fund for Women and Girls and the Norwalk Community College Foundation and in collaboration with The Women's Business Development Center

Research has shown that completion of a bachelor's degree, economic literacy, and supportive communities are key components of economic security in our region. To this end, FE$P will offer program participants the resources and tools needed to advance their education and the economic security of their families. In order to do this we have adapted the Center for Working Families model from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. FESP is designed to address the issue of family economic security at the community, individual and institutional levels.




We help to create change for student parents in three ways.

At the individual level,  students can meet regularly with a financial coach and an achievement coach to identify and work towards their academic, career, personal and financial goals.  Students receive support for both personal and academic needs to help earn an associate degree at NCC and a baccalaureate degree at a transfer institution. 


At the institutional level, FESP provides student parents with workshops and other outreach programs to enhance their academic progress and financial literacy, and help support them as they achieve their academic, career and personal goals. 


In order to create sustainable institutional change to support working student parents, FESP is also engaged in ongoing research to evaluate the services and its outcomes to help create policies and programs that help students be academically and financially successful.  The research is being conducted by NCC's Office of Institutional Effectiveness and consists of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.


At the community level, FESP is driving collaborations with community based organizations to create opportunities for enhanced economic stability for working families in Fairfield County.   These collaborations help to make higher education open and accessible for working families to achieve greater self-sufficiency.


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 This Program is made possible (in part) by:

The Fairfield County Community Foundation's Fund for Women and Girls

The Norwalk Community College Foundation