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The Office of Adult Learning

The Office works with adult learners and students who have experienced interruptions in their educational pursuits.  The staff  strives to help students to create stronger futures by  encouraging and supporting their academic, personal, financial and career success through individualized coaching, peer support, educational programs and integration into existing services that enhance their academic success while at NCC.   Participating students will join a student community of adult learners that have made the commitment to enhance their academic, personal, professional and financial future.  


Words of wisdom from other NCC adult learners... ·       

  • Know what YOU need to be successful i.e. tutoring, extra assistance in class, organizational and time management skills ·       
  • Know you are not alone - expect to see similar students with similar goals, like yourself. ·       
  • Have a support system in place, create balance in your life. ·       
  • Never be afraid to ask for help. ·       
  • Say your dreams out loud. ·       
  • Remember to breath. ·       
  • Never give up—it will be worth it.