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Becoming a Tutor

Each semester, student  tutors are recruited in a number of ways:

  • by advertising on campus
  • by word of mouth from current tutors
  • from faculty suggestions
  • student inquiries

At the beginning of each semester, flyers are posted on campus advertising the need for tutors.  Students who are interested should contact the Coordinator to determine eligibility.



At the end of the school year, a request is sent to all faculty members asking for the names of students they would recommend as tutors in subsequent semesters.  These students are contacted to determine their level of interest in becoming tutors.


In order to qualify for a tutor position, students must receive an A or B in the course for which they will tutor, interview with the Tutoring Services Center Coordinator, and be recommended by a faculty member.


If you wish to apply for a tutoring position, please print an application, complete it, and bring it to the Tutoring Services Center in W110.