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Fall 2014 Science Recitations


Che 111: Concepts of Chemistry

Tues    6:30-7:20pm                Curley             W224

Thur     9:00-9:50am                Hall                 H212  

Sat       3:00-3:50pm                Sokolov           H212


Che 121 General Chemistry I

Tues     9:00-9:50am                Racine             H213


Che 122: General Chemistry II

Wed    9:00-9:50am                Hall                 H212

 Bio 105 Intro to Biology


Mon     11:00-11:25am            S. Brown         H213

Wed    11:00-11:25am            S. Brown         H213

Wed    4:00-4:50pm                Puglisi             H209

Tues     5:30-6:20pm                Puglisi             W215


Bio 121 General Biology

Wed    11:30-12:20                 Barber             W106


BIO 181Environmental Science

Thurs   2:00-2:50pm                McCance         H213


Bio 211: Anatomy and Physiology I

Mon     12:30-1:20pm              Aster                           E217               

Mon     4:30-5:20pm                Flaherty                       H212

Tues     5:30-6:20pm                McMenamin-Balano   W114 

Wed     4:30-5:20pm               Flaherty                       H212              

Tues     1:00-1:50pm                A. Brown                    W115

Thur     10:30-11:20am            Frost                            W130

Thur     2:30-3:20pm                S. Brown                     H204  


Bio 212: Anatomy and Physiology II

Tues     1:00-1:50pm                Aster                           H212

Thur     1:00-1:50pm                A. Brown                    W115

Thur     5:30-6:20pm                McMenamin-Balano   H212


Bio 235: Microbiology

Mon     2:00-2:25pm    Frost    H205

Mon     4:00-4:20pm    Frost    H205  

Wed    2:00-2:25pm    Frost    H205



Physics Recitations

Tues (PHY 121)          11:30-12:20pm            Gee      H212

Wed (PHY 121)          11:30-12:20pm            Gee      H212

Thur (PHY221)           4:30-5:20pm                Gee      H212


Vet Tech

Mon     1:30-2:20pm    Hermans          H213