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Technology Rooms

Technology Rooms are special classrooms equipped with a computer for the instructor. The computer comes with the latest Microsoft Office Suite, an internet connection, and a data projector. A multimedia workstation houses the computer and remote control for the projector. These stations require a key, which must be obtained through Maintenance (ext. 7222). If you need instruction on how to operate these rooms, please call Media Services (ext. 3353) to arrange a date and time.

(Note: The Faculty Forum is not only a technology room, but can also accommodate satellite conferences, videotape, and DVDs.)

Technology Room Locations
East Campus Faculty Forum, E202, E213, E219, E222, E223, E225 - E230
West Campus W005, W006, W101, W103, W105, W115, W134, W201, W203, W213, W214, W216, W217, W218, W221, W225, W226, W239, W245

Please note: When using the computers in the following rooms, remember to turn on the projector first, otherwise you will receive a "check cable" message on your computer monitor.
East Campus E201, E213, E222, E224, E226 - E230
West Campus W005, W006, W101, W103, W203, W208, W237

Classroom Computer Labs

Classroom Computer Labs are special classrooms with dedicated computers for students and instructor. Most labs contain anywhere between 20 and 30 machines. These computers are maintained by the IT Department and instructors who wish to install additional software for their classes must follow the Software Request procedure.

For computer and software support, please call the Help Desk (ext. 76800). Any malfunction of audio-visual equipment, including bad projector lamps, should also be reported to the Help Desk.

Faculty members assigned to a computer lab who need instruction on the use of the presentation system should contact Media Services (ext. 3353) to arrange a date and time. Keys are required to access the equipment, and are available from Maintenance (ext. 7222).

As always, any questions, comments, or concerns about multimedia and software support are welcome.

Technology & Computer Lab Policies

Food and drinks in the labs and technology rooms have become a problem. Please remind students of the policy of no food and drinks in these areas. Students should not be allowed to bring these into the classroom at any time.

Please also make sure the students have turned off their computers before leaving class. Students are not allowed to stay after class is over. If they require more time, please direct them to the GE Open Lab on the West Campus. No student should be allowed in the classroom without an instructor present.

Please turn off your computer and instructional equipment (including projectors), and make sure the classroom door is locked after you leave.

Logging onto Computers

With a few exceptions, all computers in technology rooms and computer labs require instructors and students to log on using their NetID. For more information about using your NetID, click here.