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Faculty Software Requests

Norwalk Community College's Information Technology Department provides a wide selection of core software applications. This includes Adobe Acrobat Reader, the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and many more. In addition to these core applications, faculty may request the installation of specific course software.

In order to make your classroom experience a success, it would be in your best interest to test any new software you may want to use in your classroom. Computer software does not always work the way we expect it to or may interact with other software on the same computer with unexpected results that the publisher did not anticipate. If you are using any new computer software this coming semester, you must thoroughly test it before classes start to avoid such problems. By doing this, the IT Dept. can significantly curtail unexpected software errors from hampering classroom instruction and ensure that academic integrity is maintained in academic computing environments. A computer for this specific purpose will be provided by the IT Department and is located in W231, the TAD training room. The Software Installation Request procedure provides an easy way for Instructors to request software application installation for the computer labs and computer classrooms supported by the Information Technology Dept. The process can take up to six weeks which includes:

  • Successful testing of the trial copy, if one is available.
  • Purchasing the required license(s)
  • Preparing the computer disk image
  • Classroom deployment
  • Final testing in the classroom

To request the installation of a software application, course instructors or department contacts must fill out a Faculty Software Request. Once the trial software is successfully tested the required type and amount of licenses will be purchased by the IT Dept. The purchasing process can take up to two weeks. Please note that the IT Department will not install an unlicensed or demo software product on any college computer, except those designated for testing purposes.

If your request is received after the due date, your late request will be reviewed; however, a late request will delay installation of up to three weeks after classes start.

By following these requirements, the Information Technology Department can fulfill its mission of providing our customers (faculty, staff, and students) a high level of customer service.

Download Faculty Software Request Form